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HFC Beach Party!

By HFC 05/24/2016, 2:30pm PDT

Mark Your Calendars Now

HFC Summer Club Schedule

By Catherine Dávila 05/19/2016, 11:45am PDT

Important dates for summer! Plan Now.

HFC Summer Beach Party: June 18 11am-3pm     Annenberg Community Beach House
Club Break: June 20-July 10        
Regular Practices Resume:         July 11    
BOYS Pre-Season Combine:                   July 25-29 9am-2pm Ferraro Field
GIRLS Pre-Season Combine: August 1-5 9am-2pm Ferraro Field


June 18 -  HFC Summer Beach Party - A day of soccer and picnics on the beach for all HFC families.

June 20-July 10 - HFC Club Break - During our club break there will be no practices for any teams.

July 11 - Regular practices resume - Technical training for all teams. 

July 25-29 - BOYS HFC Pre-Season Team Combine - Girls continue regular practices, boys do not

August 1-5 - GIRLS HFC Pre-Season Team Combine - Boys continue regular practices, girls do not

HFC Pre-season Team Combine is our club-wide camp that welcomes everyone back from break with a fun and intensive week of technical training to launch our Fall season.  Players have the opportunity to interact with club mates and coaches from other teams and age groups. 

In order to create an optimal training environment, the boys and girls programs will have separate Pre-season Combine sessions starting this year.  (Each program continues regular practices during the other program’s combine.) 

We’re looking forward to a great summer!


HFC Keeper Cabral Carter signs with LAFC Academy!

By Hollywood FC 05/14/2016, 12:00pm PDT

Hollywood FC is proud to announce that Cabral Jones Carter has just been signed to the new U12 MLS Academy team at Los Angeles FC.


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